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Warm Blankets Orphan Care International is a non-profit Christian mission, dedicated to the rescue of permanently displaced children, orphans and widows through third world church planting and orphanage outreach. Our mission is to restore childhoods in Christ as we reach out to meet their physical and emotional needs, and raise them to be disciples and leaders who bring about permanent change right where God planted them.
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Church Orphan Homes

A holistic way to help orphans.

With millions of orphans around the world the needs are overwhelming. In countries where adoption is impossible or unlikely for most, our Church Orphan Homes provide a permanent home where these un- adoptable children can be raised by a pastor and his wife. This unique church/home combination gives us the opportunity to reach into the community  ... read more

Visit Church Orphan Homes:

Dirty water kills more orphans than wars and other violence. ...click here to become a life saver!

Cross Training Center

The Healing Power of Music

We wanted to facilitate the healing

of orphans through the expression

of their hearts through music. In

that process we are equipping the

next generation of worship leaders

... read more

What is Kinship?

It’s a community joined through local tradition, shared experience, and collective goals. Christian kinship care is one of the best solutions to the orphan crises around the world ….read more 

Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you’re an individual, family, small group, or a church, there are numerous ways that you can make a difference for orphans and widows. Use your creativity to share our mission, hold a fundraiser or plan a vision trip. Learn more.
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